The close affiliation of those blessed into the Fresh Fruit cartel. Constituted by members possessing supernatural blunt rolling aptitude, who are commonly found in the nosebleeds. In fruit they trust.
Raspberries is Fresh Fruit.
by frambuesa September 11, 2007
Top Definition
A recent out-of-the closet gay. Inexperienced and somewhat immature. A gay that doesn't yet understand the etiquette of proper gaydom.
Christina: "Wow, Eric acts like a teenage girl and he always hits on straight men!"

Nikki: "He just recently came out and hasn't developed his gay swagger yet, he's a FRESH FRUIT!"
by Sugar P**** October 12, 2010
A term for Marijuana
"Hey, i just bought some fresh fruit, you wanna go out back."
by Sh@dowBlood August 22, 2009
In northern cities, fruit that has been preserved since summer and is thawed out and sprayed with water to look "just picked" in mid january, when there is 6 inches of snow outside.
I went to the supermarket in the snowstorm and got some fresh fruit picked last august.
by Farky October 09, 2005
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