That chick friend that you (as a girl) turn to after a bad breakup, general boy frustrations, or lack of a date for a public function. This specific friend is great for dancing with, making the male population jealous of what they can't have, and helping you out in times of need.
Mostly, fresbians do not actually engage in sexual acts together, and usually neither one of them is an actual lesbian- though this term is not meant to offend actual lesbians, who have most fresbians utmost respect.
"Well Johnny decided to ask somebody else to prom.... So Marilyn and I are going to go as fresbians!"

"Oh god, I cannot believe Daniel just brokeup with me..."
"Do not worry, I will be your fresbian in your time of need. Let's go somewhere public and pretend that we are not interested in any of the men that look in our direction!"
"You're the best fresbian I've ever had!"
by c.shea November 26, 2008
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by fratatawooo September 07, 2010
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