A person who sucks. also very smelly, hasnt done shit for the usa since the revolutionary war and were late even then, hasnt won a war since...., preferrs to suck there own ass than fight, a person who surrenders to anyone, a whiny ass loser

why would anyone want to go to france, there are french people there.
I hate france, Frenchmen suck
by lola January 09, 2005
Top Definition
A person from France that imbecilic dolts hate because their simpleton leader and insipid news media have told them too.
"i don't know anything about france or their culture, but i hate them because the TV said to!"

"do you remember those stupid frenchmen? they said iraq didn't have any WMD... oh, wait, fuck!"
by pow3rslave March 15, 2005
You god damn mother fuckin american redneck pussies just don't get it , do you? the french are great people! You assholes don't do the fuckin research and dont know anything about them. They are clean, sophisticated and have probably the hottest women on earth! all you bastards would die to fuck a french girl, and you know it. FUCK!
Holy Shit! That girl's French... and HOT!

That frenchman is a nice guy... he wears nice clothes and fucks hot chicks!
by John Des Granches October 03, 2006
frinch'-man: A male human from/residing in France.
Look at that guy who lives in and/or came from France! He is such a Frenchman!
A white person around whom other white people are self-conscious.
When a Frenchman eats snails, other white people will do the same.
by ips dnok July 13, 2015
This is, in fact, an oxymoron, as there is no such thing.
What a French Man? Are you sure?
by Mac April 16, 2004
someone who hasnt won a war in a long, long time.
American: hey remember world war II?
Frenchguy:No, i do not recall.
American:I thought you'd say that you little frenchman pussy bastard.
by krimsonnazi October 31, 2009
Also known as frenchwomen, they are the genderless, spineless, nameless individuals who populate UN meetings and porno movies.
Holy sh*t! That frenchman can bend all the way forward!
by Detranova July 28, 2003

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