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In opposition to the other existing definition for 'frenchist,' which defines it as one who is opposed to things French, the second definition is quite the opposite and describes a frenchist as one who is militantly pro-French; somebody so pro-French products/ideas/inventions that they would sell their grandmothers into slavery and go on strike just to make their point. The 'ist' suffix applied to French defines it as an ideology orientated around things French. Take, for instance, a communist, a republicanist or a facist. All are supportes of the idea/term from which the main stem of the word is derived. As such, the existing definition for Frenchist can be considered incorrect.
Repeated use by Jeremy Clarkson of BBC's Top Gear to refer to anybody who likes driving a French car, likes eating French food French. Though a term used by racists, it itself is not. For example, 'Out of my way Frenchist!'
by Frenchist_Number_1 July 23, 2010
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