the origin of the term french toast comes from world war 1. The story goes like this: A french soldier was looting a house near the trenches. he found some eggs and several slices of bread, which he put in his pocket. As he was walking back to his post, a German patrol ambushed him. during the fracas, the soldier fell on his pocket, breaking the eggs on the bread, and then was promptly roasted by a flamethrower. A British patrol found his body, complete with "french toast" in his pocket. The name has stuck ever since.
Hey, did you see that French guy who attempted to light himself on fire in protest?

Yeah, he turned into real french toast.
by OrignalWolf January 26, 2011
A method of swearing often used in place of other swear words when in the presence of children
"This dumb son of a french toast of a locker isn't opening."

"This is not a time for a person to french toast our project up."
by linuxalexa November 16, 2006
When you pull the wedgie out of her ass with your teeth.
Oh my gosh honey, I have a wedgie from hell....Stop....Drop, ASS in the AIR....pull her pants down and shove those teeth in her ass, clamp down....and pull!!
"The French Toast" no mas wedgie
by @ssm@ster July 08, 2009
First you pre-heat your steam iron to the highest setting. Wisk 1 large egg in liquid measuring cup. Add 1 tsp of vanilla extract, and 2 Tbsp of bread crumbs. Tilt your head upwards and pour egg mixture into your mouth, but do not swallow. While maintaining you head in tilted position, hold pre-heated iron above your mouth and touch your tongue to the hot surface of the iron for at least 6 seconds. Cool off tongue with maple syrup and whipped cream, and viola, french toast.
Johnny, why are you talking so funny? Johnny- "I bur my ung makin fren oas". Translator- He said he burnt his tongue making french toast.
by Buttwheat August 19, 2009
A term used by Great Lakes surfers to describe the awesomeness of waves.
Dude! That wave was SO french toast!
by Ms Cullen July 10, 2008
1. When the recipricant of a rimjob farts
2. Tasty bread dipped in a mixture of eggs and brown sugar
1.I gave her some frenchtoast last night!
2. Mmmm.. Thats good frenchtoast
by 3rdEyeVis October 29, 2006
When you shit on a man or womans bossoms and then flatten it down and cut it into squares and spread butter on it
JOHN::Oi mate wana make french toast this morning?
Michelle:Oh yer whos chest shall we use?
by THE ABDOMINATOR November 05, 2008

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