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The act of a man grinding his penis back and forth on a woman's pelvis, stomach or buttcrack. This is a method of gratification used when penetration is not allowed for any number of reasons.
I'm so tired of the French Ravine! I've got to find someone more appropriately . . . I don't know, kinda dirty or something.
by Moralizer April 24, 2010
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The area of a girl's pelvis that comes in contact with the man's penis when penetration is not allowed, but the man still wants to grind his penis back and forth on her.
A-"How far did you get last night?"
B-"I mean, she's pretty religious so there wasn't any insertion, but it got pretty heavy."
A-"Did you use the French Ravine?"
B-"Hell yeah I used the French Ravine, what the hell else am I supposed to do?"
A-"I hear that's what softcore porn stars do."
B-"Oh yeah, is that what your mom told you?"
A-"Fuck you."
by DJTepid April 22, 2010
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