The belief and following that Morgan Freeman is and always will be god. He is actually God acting as a man acting as a person in a movie.
John: Hey I'm atheist, What are you Jamal?

Jamal: Man Fuck Dat, I believe in Freemanism, Err' body know he be god.

by Jordan Fust July 20, 2008
Top Definition
(N.) A term describing the little tidbits of wisdom gained from Morgan Freeman's movie quotes. They can be anything from funny to serious, or wise to so amazingly wise it's making your head explode. Applying these quotes to your life is the first step in becoming almost as awesome as Morgan Freeman himself. (Almost, because it is impossible to be as awesome due to the fact that he is god himself)
Morgan Freeman (As Red in Shawshank Redemption) Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.

Moviewatcher: There goes another freemanism! Morgan Freeman is a genius.
by Bloodraven412 January 04, 2010
A holy order dedicated to the worship of the Holy Voice of Morgan Freeman, and other such Holy Persons of specification.
Joe: May the blessings of the great Freeman be upon you!

Jim: Wow! I feel more epically amazing in every way than just before you uttered that phrase! It must be a gift from Morgan! I am going to convert to Freemanism!

Joe: That's five million, seven hundred and twelve!
by The Propheteerer August 02, 2011
The belief that Gordan Freeman from half- life is a god.

"All hail the crowbar"
"May Gordon keep you safe from Head crabs"
"I believe in Freemanism. We freemanists believe that in the future Gordon Freeman will save the world from the combine"
by Sir Oberon The Striped April 19, 2009
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