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Freehand is basically a Tag-Up.
Billy: aYo! i juSs maDe a New FrEehaNd sOn!
Bob: WoRd!? i StIlL fReEhaNd "SpAdE"
Billy: I juSs DiD iT on The FoUr lIne
Bob: i Tag THe 6.
by YaNii November 29, 2007
Freehanding is when you wank with no aids but your imagination. To properly freehand you must use no porn
-did you see that chick's cleavage man?
+oh fuck yeah man i freehanded to it later on
by jeff-C November 10, 2005
When something is smoked without the use of a bong, bubbler etc. The smoker merely catches the wafting smoke with his/her mouth or nose. Not a very effective method of smoking.
No bong? Looks like we're gonna have to freehand that hash.
by Flingotravels May 10, 2005