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Freehanding is when you wank with no aids but your imagination. To properly freehand you must use no porn
-did you see that chick's cleavage man?
+oh fuck yeah man i freehanded to it later on
by jeff-C November 10, 2005
When something is smoked without the use of a bong, bubbler etc. The smoker merely catches the wafting smoke with his/her mouth or nose. Not a very effective method of smoking.
No bong? Looks like we're gonna have to freehand that hash.
by Flingotravels May 10, 2005
When you urinate freely without any guidance of your hand, usually ending with piss all over the wall, yourself or anyone near you.
Dude why is there piss on your shirt

I decided to free hand it
by Stanley smith July 29, 2014
Freehand is the embarrassing situation where you hold your hand out to someone and they are completely unaware of it or will have nothing to do with it. It is worse when they start to walk away and you quickly lower your hand out of shame hoping no-one has noticed.
I heard that Jenny freehanded Greg. Left him there standing looking like an idiot.
by dw8177 July 07, 2016
Freehand is basically a Tag-Up.
Billy: aYo! i juSs maDe a New FrEehaNd sOn!
Bob: WoRd!? i StIlL fReEhaNd "SpAdE"
Billy: I juSs DiD iT on The FoUr lIne
Bob: i Tag THe 6.
by YaNii November 29, 2007
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