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1. (noun) abbreviation for "Free Goods Local and Easily"

2. (noun) a reuse organistion, originating from the UK, where people can offer things they no longer want and ask for things they need on the Yahoo! Groups platform
1. Freegle stands for many things, including obtaining free goods local and easily.

2. Freegle is a major UK reuse organisation, run on cooperative principles.
#freegler #freegling #freecycling #reuse #gifting
by Inane Jam Chick September 12, 2009
1. (verb) To search for free goods on the internet.

2. (verb) To offer unwanted possessions on the internet for free, as opposed to selling them.

A composite of free and google, also has connotations of frugal.
1. When my coffee-maker finally gave up its ghost, I freegled for a replacement.
2. When we moved house, we freegled lots of unwanted stuff that had accumulated over the years.
#freecycle #freeble #recycle #reuse #freegal
by EarnedLob September 11, 2009
when its so cold outside that your penis shrinks to the point where it doesn't hang anymore and the tip starts to rub uncomfortably against your pants and you got freegle.
Brrrrrrrr. It's cold out. I gotta get indoors because this freegle is killing me.
#penis #freegal #freeze #shrinkage #small #cold #bummer
by Derik88b July 30, 2010
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