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The first wank after a long exam season. Involves screaming, "FREEDOM!" enthusiastically at the point of ejaculation.
Saul: Mate, I just had an incredible Freedom Wank.
Tom: Oh yeah I heard! I thought you were watching Braveheart.
by TomAndSaul June 05, 2014
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When a relationship is dead & buried, release those feelings of sadness & heart break...
Knock out a freedom wank & celebrate a new chapter, the return to single, the return to FREEDOMMMMM!!!

Note: Think of someone hotter than your ex.
Guy 1: Dude, are you o.k? You were totally depressed about splitting up with your ex.

Gut 2: Man I'm cool! I knocked out a Freedom Wank & now I am FRRREEEEeeee! Yeeee haaaaa!
by Fake_SJB October 11, 2010

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