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Taking online media and re-hosting it on your website. Engaged in piracy or plunder. Mean-spirited swashbuckling of the internet age.
Re-uploading someone else's Youtube video to your Youtube channel.

Newspapers freebooting by uploading CGP Grey's or Brady Haran's Youtube videos into their video players to make money from ads.

"Oh those freebooters taking our videos! I'm sick of it. Freebooting, you know, it's a serious issue!" -Brady Haran
#infringement #stealing #pirating #piracy #freebooter
by Icanshowyoutheworld February 27, 2014
The act of posting other people's original content online to for personal gain, without permission of the content creator.
"Oh those freebooters taking our videos, I'm sick of it! This freebooting is a serious issue, we need to do something about it!"
- Brady Haran, Hello Internet #5: Freebooting

"Somebody freebooted a clip of our podcast and put it on YouTube"
- C, G. P. Grey, Hello Internet #5: Freebooting
#piracy #pirate #copyright infingement #freebooter #theft #stealing
by GooseHonk March 07, 2014
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