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The act of not wearing a bra under a shirt. Analogous to freeballing, which is not wearing underwear for men.
Roxanne is not wearing a bra under her shirt, therefore, she is freeboobing.

Roxanne was freeboobing and her shirted tit almost poked out my eye.
by Icky Thump July 03, 2007
When a woman removes her bra at the end of the day and allows her breast to fall as they will. Also, refers to anyone spotted in public braless.
Much like a man with out underwear may freeball a woman may choose to go braless and be freeboobing.
by The Mouthy Mommy January 08, 2010
derived from free balling. When a female lets her ladies hang loose; not wearing a bra under her top, dress, and etc.
"Are you free boobing it?"
"Yea girl, I don't fuck with bras when it's this hot."
by ceciliagomes April 29, 2007