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Going without undershorts, said of a male, so called because his balls hang free and unencumbered. A similar expression is "going commando," which can be used of either a male or female without underwear, but is more often used of a male.
"A lot of guys like to freeball in the summer, but I prefer jockey shorts, to give my balls a little support, since otherwise they hang too low in the heat. I do freeball if I'm anticipating a sexual encounter, however!"
by bill July 20, 2005
621 300
not wearing underwear usually used for males.
by Anonymous March 27, 2003
798 425
When a guy doesn't wear anything underneath his pants/trousers/shorts and he is letting himself hang loose.
My boyfriend wants to look tight in his pants, so he decided to do a little free ballin' and forgot his boxers.
by ErynnGirl19 April 06, 2004
415 117
walkin' around, usually in shorts, without underwear on. often sung along with, and popularized by, the tom petty song 'free falling'
The stank, nasty fart left skidmarks; now he's free balling.
by stiger April 19, 2003
147 55
the act of not wearing underpants (guy specific) which lets the men roam free
Cuz im free
by rocketman0274 January 25, 2012
88 37
a Male individual who wears no underwear
EWH! That dude is Free Balling
by Xerxes-aka-Bryperson January 25, 2008
65 47
The act of wearing pants without underwear, allowing your balls to hang freely
"Damn, i forgot underwear! Looks like ill have to go free balling"
by Applepear69 November 10, 2013
14 1