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A game where you can ALMOST do what you want, when you want. Yeah, you can choose what games to play, you can choose what jobs to level, but do you get to fly? Do you get to beat people up outside of duels? Do you get to shoot people with guns? Do you get to play as any animal? There are a lot more things you can't do, but if I said the rest, you would be reading this definition for hours.

Experienced Player: Shut up n00b. The amount of things you can't do is over 9,000 in Free Realms.
by Moondart July 12, 2011
FreeRealms is an online virtual world, where you can do many things, but not everything. Unfortunately, FreeRealms was shut down by some heartless Video Game developers called SOE. In FreeRealms, you can equipt many jobs, go many places, there were endless amounts of things you could do!
A: "Hey, I was really sad when FreeRealms was shut down.
B: "Me too. At least we all know its way better than EverQuest."
by Rosie Bear July 02, 2014
a hypocryt game. It's NAME is FREErealms but to get a lot of the things, you need to suscribe for a monthly membership, and you need to buy overpriced card. It's just a baby version of either runescape or world of warcraft. I reccoment not to get it.
Freerealms is the worst game ever
by field scout September 28, 2009
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