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The overly excessive amount of facebook notifications one receives on his/her birthday due to mainly people that person never talks to wishing them a happy birthday.
I was trying to creep on Courtney's profile, but she got birthday bashed and I didn't feel like scrolling through all of the wall posts
by Carl from Jimmy Neutron January 26, 2011
To celebrates one's birthday by having intercourse with one's girlfriend or boyfriend.
My girlfriend gave me the best birthday bash last night!
by bnksns April 01, 2009
The act during sexual intercourse, when right bfore the male climax he pulls out just before ejaculation. Proceeding to defocate on his partners face and then ejaculate on the feces. Therfor covering the shit with semen looking like a birthday cake or a plethora of other things.
Person 1 = "Hey man totally pulled a fake out when i birthday bashed Lindsey!"

Person 2 = "Radical!!!"
by Demolition Man June 22, 2010
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