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Freddy Cocker

The darker and more twisted and gay version of freddy Kruger. Cocker started as a promiscuous and over the top gay man where he would go and find younger teenagers and turn them gay. one night he crossed paths with the boyfriend of a larger 300lb fat chick and turned him gay. this upset her so much when she caught them in bed together that she fainted on top of cocker and killed him. now he hunts the living in there nightmares in-visioning long and steamy gay images. on his left hand is the gloved hand with 4 eight foot dongs attached to them. every night his helper the love he lost aguadots unsuspecting men in bars so Freddy cocker can have his way with them.

what ever you do Freddy cocker will anal rape u.
Man i had a dream that freddy cocker came after me
by guynnie November 10, 2010
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