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Freddie "gangsta" Gibbs is a Rapper from Gary,Indiana. pretty underrated at the moment, One of the illest MC's on tha planet cause he spits truth. Don't believe me, listen to "national anthem", "breakin necks", "the ghetto", "boxframe cadillac" etc...His Mixtape "straight killa No filla" was the shit, His lyrics are about life and hustling, real gangsta rap, but there is a sense of honesty 2 back the lyrics up and the way he words it, it is more poetic than any other gangsta rap. Gibbs has worked with Curren$y, young jeezy, Bun B, wiz khalifa ect..
Person 1: Yo have you heard that new freddie gibbs track?
person 2: nah, not yet, send me the link
*4 minutes later*
Person 1: So how was it?
Person 2: that was pure FIRE!!!
by DannySG132 August 05, 2011

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