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An old married couple that are youtube celebrity sensations. Fred and Sharon "supposivly" run a movie production business in Kelowna, Canada. Their homemade movies that include sad attemtps at animation are so bad and pathetic that they're actually funny (dry humor funny) ...hence Fred and Sharon have become a youtube hit! It takes talent to be that pathetically funny. They have over 20 videos on youtube. These movies include "Who Needs a Movie?" where they try to promote their movie production business.

The "BIG" question that many people ask is "Are Fred and Sharon being for real, or are they just genius comedians and the jokes on us?"
Fred and Sharon:

Sharon: (bored dull voice) Fred our anniversarys coming up. Lets make a movie so we can send it to your mother and family.

Fred: (old canadian voice.) Great idea. We could put it on a DVD or even send it over the internet.

(NOTE: Their dull scripts (such as this brief example) pathetic humor can only be really understood if you actually watch the videos...)
by BIZZAREEEE July 02, 2009
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