An adjective pertaining to either a fat, useless wigga git. Or just generally someone who'd sell their own grandmother for £2.50.

Also can be used as a general term for shit. Although it's usage in this context can sound distinctly pikey.
(in reference to pretty much anything cheap, nasty and distasteful)

That is so fuckin' Fred Durst!!

(in a rock club in reference to someone throwing some blazin' squad style faux hip shop arm movements)

Look at fuckin' Fred Durst over there! What a nobhead!!
by Ollie March 10, 2004
Top Definition
Truely the most deep, exquisite music composers of all time.

In years time, the legendary names of Mozart and Ludvig Van Beethoven will be forgotten with their lewd, crude and amaturish filth that some call 'music'. In their place, the picturesque lyrics and beautiful compositions of Fred Durst will be remembered for their revolutionary music.

Truely talented raw metal band that don't steal their riffs like some amatures *cough*Led Zeppelin*cough* *cough*posers*cough* and watered down lyricists *cough*Tupac*cough*.
The lyrics to Hot Dog teaches crap artists such as the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix that the more you say the 'f' word, the more beautiful your music is.
by The Zombie Tupac July 11, 2005
A Try hard wannabe rocker/rapper from the commercially fucked up Limp Bizkit

Durst is known for his fucked up lyrics such as "i did it all for the nookie" and "i want to fuck you like an animal, i want to feel you from the inside" <-- FUCKEN RIP OFF FROM NIN

This man should be avoided like the plague and if seen should be kicked in the sack, doused in petrol and set on fire!
A complete and utter fuckhead from Jacksonville who wares pants that dont fit him and has his hat on backwards
by PJ Marshal January 03, 2004
The worst "entertainer" of all time.
The only dick in the biz worse than Avril Lavigne
by levicom July 10, 2005
definition: frontman of the possibly dyslexic band 'Limp Bizkit'(sic.)

defining characteristics: red cap, baggy trousers, angry, loud, bit of a muthafucker

comment: Fred Durst really isn't that bad of a guy, a mon avis. I in fact admire his 'don't give a fuck' attitude, and believe it or not, don't think he actually takes himself as seriously as a lot of other definitions seem to imply. At the end of the day, some people must like him and his L.I.M.P chums, cos he's bloody rich and gets to pimp around in a Bentley all day. fair play to the lad.
1.Yorkshire Man: i fookin' hate Fred Durst, he's wank.

Open Minded music fan: hey mate, check yourself before you wreck yourself. muthafucker...

2. Fred Durst gets a rap from his critics.

3. Fred Durst is f-ilarious.

4. Some of Fred Durst's lyrics have to be heard to be believed.
by Boxman July 26, 2004
Short, balding, rat-like, and as proven from the recent camera phone 'porn' video, hung like a gerbil.
Got into the scene for the money, thanks to a leg up by Korn, proceded to make music which is only good while drunk and 16.
Was made 'CEO' of Interscope - his obvious lack of any management skills meant this was 'honourary' to promote the label, and Durst likely to have absolutely no control over company decisions - apart from maybe being A&R and a scout for other party/sport/nu-metal bands that appeared for a few seconds.
Likened to Kid Rock, Tommy Lee and Vanilla Ice in that they all have absolutely no talent, and jumped on the Nu-Metal band wagon, and now all sorely regret it as they no longer have a reputation.
Fred Durst invented 'Party Metal'
by SMiek April 03, 2006
Lead singer of Limp Bizkit and the current object of aggression from Slipknot and their frontman Corey Taylor. Durst remixes other people's music, yet he has the nerve to take the piss out of other artists. He called Slipknot fans "fat and ugle kids". When Corey found out, he made regular aggressive verbal attacks on Durst at concerts and in interviews. Since then, Slipknot have regulary tkane the piss out of Bizkit and Durst. Corey has sworn to kill Durst with his bare hands next time he insults his fans. Durst offered his side of the story, But now Corey doesn't give a shit.
Corey Taylor - Fred Durst is a good buissinessman and all, but he is not an artist. I don't give a fuck if he;s a millionare. He takes music that people love, and turns it to crap.

Fred Durst - I think Slipknot hate me because it shows how theres already so much hate.. in the world and... they hate me.

(in other words, he didn't know how to respond)
by chavsuck May 09, 2006
a fucking faggot who cannot write lyrics for his life and always tries to " rap " in his shitty ass songs . also see : wigger , idiot , and dip shit .
when i first heard the limp bizkit song " nookie " :

fred durst : i did it all for the nookie! ( what ? ) the nookie ! ( what ) so you can take that cookie , and stick it up your -

me : shut the fuck up already !! * destroys limp bizkit cd *

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