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Every December 28th is the opportunity to dress like Fred Durst of the rock/rap group Limp Bizkit. All are to dress as such on this day and if possible to speak like him too.
"dude, we were Rollin on Fred Durst Day"
"Dude, he is so washed up"
by btracy215 August 09, 2011
basically the kindof day when you feel like fucking shit upp, when everybody sucks, and you dont why but you wanna justify ripping someones head off.

also can be described as a day when you wear a red hat backwards. keep in mind you must be chubby and white.
cainen- "d0000d *bitch cainen voice. kevdog is having such a fred durst day. hes soooo mean.! //: and he keeps talkin about hotdog watererer!"

kevdog- "shutup bitch! *smack!. GET THE FUCK UP!" -Fred durst voice.
by buckthenasty. July 22, 2010

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