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1. Something that is so cool, hip, funky, awesome, kick-ass, or far out that it is difficult to describe. Often describes something strange or unique. Originates from the Red Hot Chili Pepper album by the same name, circa 1985.

2. Something Red Hot Chili Pepper fans describe themselves as, in a proud sense. Originally from the song "Freaky Styley" by the Chili Peppers.
1. Damn, dude, that Chili Pepper song is freaky styley!!

2. Say it out loud, I'm FREAKY STYLEY and proud!
by Cody C. May 16, 2006
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1. the name of a red hot chili peppers album, released in 1985 with hillel slovak on guitar, cliff martinez on drums, anthony kiedes singing, and flea on bass. (funk/punk/rock)

2. word the chili peppers used to describe something cool during that time period
yo that shits freaky styley

yo i just got freaky styley by rhcp and it kicks ass
by joe January 27, 2005
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when something/someone is as groovy as psychedelically mayhemed sexfunk from heaven
Cliff: I was so freaky styley that I didn't dress up as a Rabbi when I was supposed to at that gig, I WAS A TOP-HATTED PIECE OF POOP INSTEAD MOTHAFUCKAHS!
by NOT MARY LOL May 17, 2011
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An absolute funk/punk masterpiece presented to us by the red hot chili peppers. Riddled with awesome trumpeting ,its makes one so happy just to hear them deep grooves coming out the speakers. Produced by the 'epic mythological profilic genius' himseld Dr Funkinstein, George Clinton, this record remains a definitive and substantial musical statement, and from the words of Flea it falls into the category 'Too funky for white radio, too punk rockin for black.'
'That blackeyed beauty with the golden crotch, French electric sex a cock shocking swamp fox'
Blackeyed Blonde

'Say it loud I'm freaky styley and I'm proud!' Freakystyley

'Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the death of a race is a game' American Ghost Dance

'But let me tell you little boy, She'll clean your clock'
Blackeyed blonde

'Nevermind the Soft Cell shit
That's strictly for the twits
Nevermind the Men At Work
Those tunes are for the jerks
Cause we're The Red Hot Chili Peppers'

'Thirty dirty birds
Sitting on a curb
Chirping and Burping
And eating
Dirty earthworms'
Thirty Dirty Birds
'Deep inside the soul hole
Of Mother Earth
Father Time came
With a supersonic supersonic burst
His soul monkey sperm tribes
Racing to be first'

et al..........
by isaac May 09, 2005
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