singular form of "Freakies", a much-loved and lost breakfast cereal from the 1970's
"We are the freakies, we are the freakies, this is our freaky tree. We never miss a meal, 'cos we eat our cereal."
Top Definition
Adjective form of the noun freak see freak. Kinky, wild in bed, sexually promiscuous, etc.
Me an Quanita was gettin freaky up in heayuh!
by Busy Bone August 04, 2003
freak, willing to do anything sexual, the ass, 3 somes, toe sucking, body chocolate lickin, the works
dang that girl is freaky she just let him juice her lemon, {juicing a lemon]
by April 17, 2005
being sexually open, acting sexually
my man says your not a freak so we're gonna prove my man wrong (twista, kanye west "slow jamz")
by sarah0269 March 01, 2005
like, whoa man, totally far-out. damn too far. like really and totally wierd in a cool way.
damn look at that freaky dude on the hanglider!
by theMETALchick January 23, 2004
1. verb; The act of having, giving, or recieving an STD.
2. adj.; To have features resembling, or to be compared to Alec Baldwin in anyway.
"I wouldn't touch her, she gets freaky";

First guy, "Where's Adam?"
Second guy, "He's in the bedroom getting freaky with that girl who has chlamydia."

First woman, "Do you see that guy's eyebrows?"
Second woman, "Yeah, he looks freaky... like Alec Baldwin."
by Oil Field Trash October 28, 2006
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