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A "Freakstar" is a number of meanings.

Its a 2 way streak with Freakstar. Its a good and bad side to the word. Depending on the person and how they represent themselves.

It defines "Freaks,Geeks,Weirdos,Loners,Outcasts, and every other word that defines a person that is outside the box" "Good Side"

Or it can be a high class definition of a "Freak" Sexually

"Freak" Highly experienced sexual person "Star" Very good at it hence "Freakstar" A star when it comes to sex.

It can go either or
That girl is a straight freakstar, She know how to work that pole

Im a freakstar, no matter what Im gonna make it

No one understands your way of thinking which means you are a freakstar

I thought being a nympho was a problem until I was considered a freakstar
by That Freakstar January 19, 2013
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