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A national gathering of black college students in Midtown Atlanta, GA in the third weekend of April celebrating black unity.(often became a rapefest and drug-smuggling nightmare)Last held in 1999.
Ay, bro, we goin' down to Freaknik dis weekend. You game?
by gangstizzle March 09, 2005
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The ghost of a popular spring break party of the same name. Freaknik took place in Atlanta in the 90's. The city-wide celebration was "killed" by the local authorities. This party later returned in the form of a singing ghost. Popularized in the Adult Swim movie "Freaknik - The Musical"

(proper name)
The ghost of Freaknik refers to himself in the third person:

"Freaknik's gonna need some brains... if he's ever gonna make it rain."
by igloo_explodotron March 08, 2010
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Separate and apart from Spring Break, blacks leave college and descend either on Atlanta, the Gulf Coast, or a Florida beach area and go wild, sorta like they were in Africa before they were slaves. An escape from classes, it is almost a riot with riot police on patrol. It is hard to say what freaknik activities might be expected but always there is public loud music, cruising, breeding in public, drunkeness and brawls. Some refer to it as Black Spring Break.
La Toya has only a dim memory of freaknik on South Padre. She wasn't on the beach long when somebody spiked her drink and the rest is history. She does not know when or how many times her body was used - only that her swollen groin, ass, and breasts were a stinky, sticky mess when she woke up. She was on antibiotics for months for STDs when she finally returned to Rutgers. La Tayoa is livid when she hears others making plans for next year's freaknik.
by Richard Black March 23, 2005
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A crunk ass weekend in April when all da college ballaz could come down to the ATL and listen to some phat beats and get fucked up. It was cancelled by some playa-hating mayor cuz of all da looting.
Bring back Freaknik shawty!!!!!!!!!!
by Ballaholic March 03, 2005
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A bad hyphy ass party that happened a couple weeks into april in the 90s we're all the freaks would come out an get crazy till the man took that shit away
Person1: yo wat happened to tha freaknik?

Person2: wat happens evry time a nigga starts lovin somethin?

Person1: wats that?

Person2: the white man comes an takes that shit away cuz a nigga was lovin it to much!
by suggavi May 06, 2011
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