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A concept devised in Oceana (A quiet drinking establishment) whilst being (almost) violently attacked by a gom
Hello young gom i see you have been looking over my i do not wish to participate in fisty-cuffs...cant we solve this through rational adult methods? ahh dont hit me...Fre Fre Fre Fre PWA!
by Its Gonna Rain October 16, 2003
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A concept devised in light of the NWA whilst in Oceana ( a down-town drinking establishment )being confronted / bowled out by a gom . Also when a gom is nearby, and appears to have a problem for no particular reason ( attitude ) the afformentioned phrase is used.
Bill: Oh hi there it appears you knocked into my pint, it doesnt matter, I will buy a new one, good day young sir.
gom: What the fuck mo fo? Get out my face before i stick a cap in your ass.
by Billy Bob McLew October 22, 2003

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