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A mental disorder that develops in the late stages of male puberty, around the age 18. This mental disorder is often caused by alcohol abuse and large amounts of homoerotic male bonding. This delusion can be genetic, but can often be mimicked or learned through, peer pressure.
It often leads to delusions of graduer, STDs and poor academic performance.

The most common treatment, with rather limited success, is the being financially cut off from parental support. Frautistic males will often have to remove themselves from Frautistic centers and realize there is world beyond Frautism.
Most cases go undocumented and can be grown out of, however, Frautism can often leave long lasting mental scars that will never be truly removed.
The only things my friend with Frautism contributed to his womens studies class were two cases of Chlamydia.
by Cunnimuffins September 27, 2011
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