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Fratgineer; the modern day fraternity man with a Macgyver like sense of all things fratty.

This man is noted with his ingenuity to fix or enhance any situation that happens around the fraternity house.

The Fratgineer fixes situations on the fly like a leaking kiddie pool in your front lawn filled the sorority babes with a lighter and a plastic bottle. The Fratgineer figures out ways to chill your beer in seconds using an air duster.
Example 1
Bro#1"Dude, my beer is getting warm"
Fratgineer"Bro, give me your beercan I'll chill that in a sec"...(Fratgineer turns airduster upside down and sprays can until chilled)
Bro#1"Whoa, your like a freaking Fratgineer"

Example 2
Bro#2"So we totally set up this slip and slide with 3 tarps back to back, we fratgineered that man"
by FratGineer June 24, 2009
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