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A name given to a man who is the frattiest of all frat stars and resembles Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. Generally all Frat Weasleys have red hair and can be seen at the local dining hall pounding Frat Soda and disregarding women. Note, you may also be dubbed Frat Weasley if your first name rhymes with Ron (Weasley) eg. Shawn, John. (In such cases you may refer to sed person as Shawn Weasley or John Weasley, etc.)
Jeffrey: Hey who is that kid over there making out with 3 girls at once?

Pledge: Damnit Jeffrey don't you know? That is Frat Weasley. I would do anything to be him.
by Brotorious B.I.G March 07, 2011
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