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Fraserburgh is a town in the extreme north east corner of Scotland. It's nickname is 'the broch'. It is situated around 40 miles north of aberdeen and 17 miles north of neighbourging town and shithole Peterhead. Just like neightbouring town peterhead and the surrounding area it could do with deserting.

The town reportedly has a rivaly with neighbourghing town Peterhead, rumor has it that this rivaly occured due to both towns claming to be 'the town with the highest amount of inbreeding in the UK', however, this was found to be a false claim by both Fraserbugh and Peterhead as it was found to be neighbouring town St Combs which holds this title.

Many famous people come from Fraserburgh these include local hero and serial killer Dennis Nilsen (see also The Muswell Hill Murderer and The Kindly Killer) and the people who appear on the TV series Trawlermen, where subtitles have to be used in order to allow normal english speaking people to understand their thick 'Dorich' accents.

According to police figures 1 in 5 of the local adults in Fraserbugh are using hard drugs regularly, the reason that was indicated for this was that they needed an escape from reality whilst living in Fraserburgh.

The nightlife in Fraserburgh could rival any good night out in the UK, as it has one nightclub 'DeeJay's' which is a converted house and several other pubs where frequent violent assults take place.
'Brocher' : aye fit like iday young loon
'Resident Of Peterhead' : Nae to good, im from Peterhead, which is as much of a shithole as Fraserburgh
by billy hunt November 07, 2009
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