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n. Lord of fevers and Plagues, the Franks Monkey, a noted Communist and simian, leaves a 10 mile wide wake of destruction wherever he goes. The Frnaks monkey cannot be stopped, only contained, and doing so often proves fatal, as the loss of life, limb, or genetalia, is sure to follow shortly. Like a force of nature, Franks monkey is an unstoppable raging juggernaught of Marxist malarky, though he can be easily confused. The Franks monkey can be identified by his large communist hat and the bright gold star in the middle, and the words "Franks Monkey" sprawled in blood accross the bill. AKA Grilla Pimp!
"I was walking through the park, kicking puppies, when Franks Monkey rolled up on my shit, put the pimp hand down on me and slammed me against a telephone pole while spouting communist rhetoric, and singing the russian national anthem!"
by Steve Dave April 22, 2004

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