Title of Mary Shelley's famous novel - she who was daughter of revolutionary.
Frank - Truth
Stein - Beer
Title: Truth & Beer (Frankenstein)
Let's go down to the pub and talk
insert as appropriate

by millerthegorilla January 24, 2009
1. A strapping young lad called Mike
2. Someone with a blocked shaped head, and a large forehead.
Matthew: Mike, i cannot understand how you can be considered God in bed when you look like frankenstein.
God: LMFAO Frankencock.
by Matthew Larsen February 13, 2005
An extremely overrated book by Mary Shelley with so many interpretations that you want to gouge your eyes out, put them in your bowl with your goldfish, and then eat your own goldfish.
Holy Shit, I've had to write 3 papers on Frankenstein this year. Why, dear God, why.
by awesomemcgee April 20, 2005
When a man shoots his hot spunk into a girls eyes, blinding her, and at the same moment hits her in the back of the head, causing her to walk around screaming, blinded, with her arms out, looking like frakenstein.
Jenifer almost ran into the wall after Jerry frakensteined her at the store.
by Weelet June 21, 2005
1) Jay McNamara
2) Creepy guy named victor who created the monster
1) "Jay, you are Frankenstein"
2) "M. Frankenstien, will you be dining here or being killed by you're eight foot monster?"
by Akbar shabaz jenkins November 05, 2003
Lanky ugly guy, bolt through his neck, smells like poo
Joe Stevenson from CCC yr 12
by Ben Soh May 05, 2005
To experiment with
Go Frankenstein your own kid and leave mine alone.
by Momma_1 July 12, 2015

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