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An iPod made by an arrogant hipster trying to resurrect one useful iPod out of the bones of many.
"I made that iPod out of multiple ones so It had a death sentence to begin with" "Oh, that's what you get for making a Frankenpod"
by Totes'mcgotes' February 09, 2012
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A surveyors tripod that has been assembled from several different tripods in various states of disrepair.
They will often have a black table atop two orange hinges and a green hinge. They often have 1 wooden leg, 1 aluminum leg, and 1 fiberglass leg. They often as not have three different feet from three different manufacturers.
J.R.: "Did you see that freaking FrankenPod that Charley gave me to use yesterday?"
Osmond: "No mon, how bad was it?"
Chris: "The newest part on it was used by Lewis & Clark on their voyage of discovery"
by South Florida Scurveyors September 16, 2005

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