1) To be like Frank Iero.

2) To have sex with one Frank Iero.
1) Person 1: "I Frank-ed that guitar solo in Guitar Hero last night."

Person 2: "I Ray-ed it better. Bye."

2) Person 1: "I so frank-ed Frank Iero. hard. It was yummy so yummy I may have imagined it."

Person 2: "You did imagine it. Bye."
by xocreepymccreepy May 18, 2009
Top Definition
Being filled with fail;
Being pulled from success;
To be left in the middle of something without help;
Her project was going well, but she got Franked.

He was winning the race, but got Franked out of the win.
by AICASF April 11, 2008
When someone has one-upped a compliment you made to someone else, for no other reason than to be a brown-noser.

Being inappropriately frank.
You: "Wow, you look great in that dress"
Douchebag: "She looks great no matter what she has on"

Bystander: "Dude you just got Franked"
by Zeke December 06, 2010
To be taken advantage of, usually in the context of a bet or wager; to walk into a situation and blindly think you can win when you have no chance in reality; to be setup by a devious, plotting adversary.
"When he realized he had given George odds on a bet that had little chance of winning he knew he had been Franked"
by the hudson crew December 03, 2013
when someone acts like a complete frank, meaning they act in a wild or unruly manner often causing some kind of distress or even injury or sexual practice towards people and commonly causing some kind of damage to either peoples or property on a fairly large scale.
"sorry i franked up your house dude"
"did you see terry last night he was franked! he threw a burning spear through the double glazing"
"you mean to say you franked my daughter!"
by garybaldy69 May 17, 2011
When someone never answers their cell phone or returns your phone calls or texts. A person who uses their cell phone as outbound only.
I called you 5 times on Saturday, but you franked me.
by euro greasy January 13, 2009
The act of ripping someone off while being thier best friend, then turning around and being a complete jerk.
Alex bought a new car from David last month. David told him it had the best everything and came with a full warranty. Then the motor blew up and David told him he had no warranty and had to buy a new warranty. Alex got FRANKED.
by POOLMAN SLIM June 30, 2010
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