It's when you have crappy dial-up and it kicks you off the internet and when you get back on AIM and you get tired of explaing to everyone what happened so you just tell them you franked.
I franked again. Dail-up sucks.
by jimmythefish150 July 14, 2008
"To be rediculously retarded off a fat blunt and/or just awesome weed.
"That weed was awesome last night, I was so franked."

Frankies in town
by REM the cat August 02, 2010
what happens to people when they are dominated and or interrupted in a conversation by someone of superior intellect
Steve said "I have to find" Frank interrupts and asked a question or changes the subject. Oh you just got franked! Steve was franked by Frank.
by What you March 22, 2006
To have experienced having one's illegal and / or unethical activities (usually connected to politics or media control in Canada) exposed. Named after Frank Magazine, one of the few media sources in Canada not owned by the Government or controlled by friends of the Government.
Paul Martin got franked over the Government giving Canada Steamship Lines millions in contracts.
by Standing OnGuard February 07, 2004
To make someone your bitch.
Dude, i totally franked like ten dudes playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare online last night.
by Bruce Flynn February 25, 2008

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