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An emotion that is a mixture between feeling frustrated and angry.
"Urgh, she makes me so frangry!"
by Nadindi December 21, 2009
Appearing to be angry when you're not; fake angry.
Partner #1: You yell at your sister a lot in airports, its really embarrassing.

Partner #2: But I'm not really angry with her, just frangry.
by FacePlace September 08, 2009
a mixture of being frustrated and angry.
v. I'm so frangry!
adj. My frangry mom yelled at me.
by orange1996 July 21, 2010
When you're so cold that you're freezing. And you're so freezing that you become moody. You've become freezing/angry. Frangry.
"Don't hug me or I'll punch you. After I take my snow gloves off and wipe the icicles from my lashes. *sigh* Sorry. That's just my frangry'ness talking". A more severe version of cangry
by ihuvileufhvieufgvieufhur August 06, 2015
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