A really good looking type of guy, generally with dark hair and eyes, who speaks spanish and lives in spain.
Nina: Who's that guy with dark hair and round eyes?
Jorge: He's Franco.
Nina: Oh, no wonder he speaks spanish.
by lora422 March 07, 2009
Top Definition
A hot, sexy, yummy, lucious, smart, espanyol.
He is the perfect boyfriend/husband/friend.
Edward Cullen bows down at his presence.
OMG! i think i met my franco already!!

Cuando voy a cumplir mi Franco!!..sigh
by anónimo1117 March 05, 2009
The most amazing person in the world, he's really sexy and really good in bed, any girl would be lucky to have him.
and hes the perfect boyfriend
it is also the definition of a fat bum
woah, i can't get through the door..his bum is such a franco!
by hahahahahhaahha October 26, 2008
Typically of Italian descent, men named Franco are known to have large genitals and incredible loving making skills.
Why can't ____________ be Franco?

Names to insert: James, Michael, John, Greg, Timothy, William, Justin, Nathan, etc.
by Achilles12345 December 12, 2010
Having the facial appearance or expression that James Franco always has. Like you're high or really uncomfortable.
Look at that guy, he's such a Franco around girls.
by Lovely Killer February 27, 2011
An annoying fuck who takes every word that comes out and formulates a perverted joke. Never eat a hot dog or spaghetti with meatball around a Franco. Usually has friends very similar to him.
Person:Man, the vanilla icing on this chocolate cupcake is delicious.

Franco:Thats not icing...hehehehe
by urbanuploader12345 April 13, 2011
Someone who speaks French, a francophone. Used mainly in Canada.
Guy 1 : "Have you ever been to Chicoutimi?"
Guy 2 : "Nope, only francos over there! There's no way I could get myself understood!"
by Trucmuche November 28, 2010
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