Francesca is a girl who deserves everything she wants. She's the prettiest girl I've ever known, and I know I'll love her forever. She always needs hugs and love. She tries to hide it when she cries, but I can always see. She's easily depressed but should always have friends to cheer her up. She's not a slut or a whore, she doesn't always dress the nicest, she could act like someone she's not, but she wants to do that, okay? So stay away from this chick. Francesca is the best girl I've ever met.
(P.S. Her name means free and that's why she is. She's free to do what she wants without having to listen to the crap she gets every day from you guys at school.)
Francesca: *moping alone at lunch*
Jennifer: Hey, Fran! Come with me, I needa get a cookie.
Francesca: *perks up* Sure, Jen! Let's go.

Francesca: Hey, do you really like me like that?
Me: Well, why would I write all this about you if I didn't?
Francesca: Well... Maybe it's because you feel bad?
Me: Why would I feel bad? I'm the luckiest guy out there.
Francesca: *smiles* Okay then!
by That Super Lucky Guy May 11, 2011
Top Definition
the name Francesca is italian
meaning: "FREE"

a beautiful & strong feminine name.
Francesca,the queen of day
by ceskao October 23, 2006
chances are a girl with a name like this is the most beautiful thing you'll ever lay your eyes on.
Francesca looked beautiful last night
by benjii89 September 06, 2008
The most gorgeous girl in the world
I'm as hot as a Francesca.
by Francesca H. April 20, 2006
The coolest kid you will ever meet in your life with a very pretty name. A Francesca will change the world. She may be sweet and soft on the outside but you don't want to get in a fight with this girl, she will tear you apart but she is also one of the best friends you could ever have don't her.
Teacher: Francesca the meanest of them all

Francesca: What? but I'm wearing a bow mean people don't wear bows

Teacher: Deep down Francesca is the toughest girl I know I wouldn't want to mess with her.
by Free a Peace of you August 25, 2009
Francesca is an italian name meaning "Free". She likes all different kinds of things, but doesn't like it when people give her a hard time. She cares a lot about her friends, but doesn't give a crap about the haters. She loves mostly everyone and everything. Francesca's are nice,talented, and very caring. They are loyal and would never want to hurt someone purposely (unless deserved).
Francesca is the nicest person in the world!
by star23 July 21, 2010
Francesca S.

Francesca is a beautiful girl with a wonderful personality. Everything about her is amazing. She has a smile that can brighten your day with just a glance. She has gorgious eyes. Her laugh is so adorible even she laughs at everything.Shes nice to everyone. Shes not a whore or a drama queen.But she is my baby. Shes the best thing thats ever happened to me and i will never stop loving her. Even no i dont deserve her and she deserves a guy way better than me. I will try to be the best boy friend ever

I love you babe
I love Francesca
by Mull Bear June 07, 2010
thats easy.
its a girl who is italian, having to do with the mafia, practically runs the bitch, dont take no shit from no one, owns her man, not the other way around, handles the money, smokes the cigars, does the negotiating, etc.

She fuckin runs the city.
giovanni: ey! vito we have a meetin with-a francesca today, she wants to talk business!
vito: Oh shit!
by whatchuknowaboutdat. July 27, 2008
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