A good place to go if you're an internationally wanted fugitive, because they don't extradite.
Person 1: I think I need to leave the country.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: Well I'm wanted by INTERPOL for secretly defrauding most of the countries in the G27.
Person 1: Did you defraud France?
Person 2: I don't think so.

Person 1: Bon Voyage. Send me le vin.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 13, 2010
Slang definition for engaging in sexual intercourse.
"What the actual france man?"
"France you!"
"You francing pig"
"You wanna france tonight?"
by Prellliom September 20, 2013
France a country with a strong cultural backround, and a wonderfuf economy! The wine flows so easy, and the tensions are low, and there is such beauty all around you! French are natural born leaders, and have great military back round, and are currently part of the United Nations. God Bless France!
France is so beautiful all year long!
by softly and tenderly March 08, 2010
Often a very horny girl, she is very ecstatic and can be quite cold if you make her mad. Although she is quite nice at heart and can be honest about her emotions, she is very friendly, but also a crazy bitch and is usually up for any task the guys give her! She is very beautiful and lures guys to her with her amazing body.
Guy 1: How was she?
Guy 2: She was a total frances!
by fanny76342723465 January 11, 2015
An intellectual young and extremely beautiful woman.
Frances is the definition of perfection
by v.p.a.m September 24, 2015
A woman who gives great hugs.
Give me a France hug :)
by ohshnaphazel March 19, 2013
A nation composed entirely of homosexuals and effeminate hermaphrodites, most of which make a living as prostitutes. As a result of this and their decadent habits, namely, protesting the fact that they have to earn their baguette dildos and shitty wine with hard labor by day, and smoking cigarettes in cafes and bitching about their easy lives all night, every war they have ever entered ended up, sooner or later, in them opening their assholes wide and letting the enemy rape them for hours on end. The only gear French soldiers carry into battle are white flags and lube, as surrendering and getting assraped is all they are good at.
"What are all these faggots doing here spreading their assholes and putting white flags in them?" "Oh, they came from France last week."
by The Antidote February 26, 2014
A country that doesn't know how to win a war.
Person 1: Hey man. I haven't been keeping up with the war. Who is winning?
Person 2: Definitely not France, that's for sure.
by FridayLover May 29, 2014

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