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A word used to describe people, (generally females) of a particularly large nature, that somewhat resemble trolls and/or ogres. They are predominantly overweight, considerably hairier than the standard human, and tend to have a brutish appearance and demeanour. It has been stipulated that they are a devolved form, and in some cases, subjects have been seen using their knuckles for support when walking, much like a gorilla. Other incidents include the creatures capturing and dragging their victims back to their dwellings by their hair.
Jay: Mate check out the Frampong over there, it looks like she's about to "Hulk Smash" that bus full of nuns.

Simon: Shit! Can you smell that?

Will: *Choking* Must be the Frampong we just walked past. They say she's got a spicy bumhole.
by Matttard December 16, 2012
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