Putting on latex gloves and Vaseline in order to massage to massage the crest of the labia majora. Framping is done in order to loosen the vagina for newly deflowered women. Framping can also apply to any lass who is just plain ol' tight.
"Yo my biddie was so tight we hadda framp for 30 whole minutes. Damn."
by Benji Itzkak June 21, 2008
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To smack someone on the forhead with a semi-erect penis. Usually a degrading process. Sometimes seen in crappy porn films as well.

Can also be refered to as the Peter Frampton.
Damn thats some crappy service, so I told the guy in the drive-thru framp you.
by Don November 16, 2004
A Fat Tramp
That girl is always all over everyone else's guy...thinking she's all sexy with her skin tight clothes and gut hanging out looking like a stuffed sausage..What a FRAMP
by gypsymama May 30, 2014
expression used for anything under the sun, usually describing an action; term for dissaproval
Kid 1: Yo that chick look mad good.
Kid 2: Framps! Shes ugly as hell.

Kid1:(in the act of karate chopping someones balls) framps!
by Mike Baxter April 16, 2007
To smack in the face with an erect penis.
After she bit during oral sex, John pulled it out and framped her.
by Stephen Vassen March 23, 2007
When you are too lazy to use stairs, you use the local ramp. that is a little fat. you are now using the fat ramp. aka- framp.
"joe, i dont like stairs. I am going on the framp"
by pandajoi January 18, 2005
To flatulate.
Have you framped?
by Martin Thomas July 09, 2003
A Framingham tramp.
Enough with these teeny bopper FHS framps! Just put them back in the food court or some sh1t.
by J-Cookiratcha March 02, 2005

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