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Back in prehistoric times, the frameaddon was the master of all -addons. It towered over all others commanding the earth with its monstrous feet. It wasn't until May 3rd in 2011 that the frameaddon was given a practical use by Georgia Tech student William Green. This discovery happened during an ME 1770 class where William, aka "Boston Billy", accidentally attached the prehistoric beast to the front of a motorcycle. When questioned about his action, Billy the Kid said, "Go f yaself". Dumbfounded by the response and his crazy Boston accent, his classmates realized the significance of the find and turned the project in with the Frameaddon to get a 100.
Scott- "What is that beautiful beast like attachment on the motorcycle?"
Billy- "Its the Frameaddon."
Scott- "What?"
Billy- "Go F yaself."
by HeMan&DaMastersOfTheUnivers May 03, 2011

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