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The magical island Morgan, Cindy, and Cassidy will buy when they are older. It is half very cold with mountains and half the climate in France. It is the perfect place for Fralaskan Ninjas. No tourists allowed, they might ruin the ground. They only supply happiness in a cup for us. Cows roam the fields and graze in the sunlight. Pat the Cow is an amazing beast that the Queen of Fralaska, Cassidy, rides on.
Tourist- I want to go to Fralaska for the Summer.
Fralaskan Ninja- NO! You can't go there! Only super amazing Fralaskan Ninjas and Cows can go there! Get away you BEAST!

Tourist- Ahhh! *Runs away and cries in the nearest corner*
by Fralaskan_Ninja_Morgan November 28, 2009
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