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The kind of aids you get for free (FReeAIDS)
Wow, she must have gotten fraids last night.
by the pilot in my pants November 07, 2010
When you think you have AIDS. You experience unrelated symptoms that make you think you have contracted AIDS/HIV.
Johnny slept with a hooker and has to wait 3 months to get tested, he is all stressed out with FRAIDS.
by Sup477 July 07, 2011
a. {adjective} Negro slang for the 'state of being afraid'. Born from fucktard English, the native tongue of North American Negroes.
You fraid of my nine Mo' fucka?
by Falconcepts March 02, 2011
fraids is the worst type of aids! it is french aids, its just aids caught from a french person.
i come back from paris the other day and got told by the doctor i had fraids
by sheef sandwich August 23, 2009
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