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A group of women who obsess about fragrance 24/7 on internet message boards like For most of them it's become an obsessive compulsive disorder and they'll wax lyrically over the top notes of feces, middle notes of urine, and a base note of vomit found in a bottle of Serge Lutens. Their behavior is bordering on retarded, hence FragTard.
The frag hags on MUA are obsessed with perfume, what a bunch of psycho Fragtards.
by Mr Swipe August 20, 2007
when a member of the armed forces rejects reciving frag grenades from the armoury because they are afraid the will blow them selves up. commonly used by gamers.
PVT GRIGGS; dude where are your grenades?

PVT LOLEMS; i didnt get any 'cause you know... well i just dont want any

PVT GRIGGS; uh huh? *cough*FRAGTARD*cough* cough*
by Green-ades and Ham April 08, 2011
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