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noun- 1. a retard
2. an accent or language that sounds retarded or is incoherent

adjective - 1. describes a retarded person or thing
2. describes a crazy person or thing

verb- to fuck something up

adverb- in a retarded manner (the word ending doesn't change)

---often abbreviated to the word "fragle" or "frag"
---often said in a hillbilly accent
---you can also say it when you've done something retarded (you can use it instead of FAIL)
noun- "I have a fragledagledoodlemeyer for a friend. =("
"I can't understand him. I think he's speaking fragledagledoodlemeyer."
adjective- "Dude, that was sooo fragledagledoodlemeyer!"
"That party was fragledagledoodlemeyer, like to the max."
verb- "She fragledagledoodlemeyered our project."
"He went on an acid trip and got fragged."
adverb- "He speaks and walks so fragledagledoodlemeyer."
by grampdoodle September 22, 2009
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