1. Fraternization with intent to purchase cellular phones
2. Airborn gas known to cause death
instantaneously if ingested
3. Synonym of hooba-da-looba
"I like to frackle."
"I smell frackle."
by Cyborg Tom April 18, 2005
Top Definition
The pet name for the gorgeous freckles that reside on the face of Supernatural protagonist Dean Winchester, portrayed by Jensen Ackles.
Man, look at Jensen's frackles. Aren't they just so cute?!
by livvycj January 16, 2012
A type of unnamed monster from the original Muppet Show. They were initially in many of the sketches as main chararacters, but as the seasons progressed, and the number of named muppets grew, they eventually were only seen in supporting roles. There were many "frackles" made, but the green and blue frackle muppets were used most often.
"Although originally made with three pointy fangs, the green frackle only had two in later seasons."
"The blue frackle has a cameo in this episode of Pigs In Space!"
by GreyWyvern April 25, 2005
A old word (originating in London, UK) referring to a group of three bagels (since they are traditionally sold in threes).
How many bagels do you want?
I'll take a frackle today please.
by Bagel J February 02, 2010
a female dog. another name for rascal
Wheres frackle, i thought she was on her leash.
by Bizzy Spoon November 06, 2006
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