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'''Frackified: n. 1. The act of making awesome, usually referring to a flash movie or a various other piece of art. 2. The act of "macking" a person of the opposite gender. 3. What one says after one "macks" a girl.'''
This word derived from Latin root ''Frackius'' which literally meant "excessively great." The suffix ''ified'' means "made." Therefore, Frackified literally means ''made awesome.''
Etymologists can trace this word back to 3000 B.C. in Ancient Troy. War leader Georges Auron first used the word in the following context ''Translation: We have defended our city, the gods have Frackified us.'' This shows that the original meaning referred to great as in great power. Frackified became a common word, it can be found on various occasions in Greek literature. In the Book "Wisdom of ''Philosophy'' it was used 17 times. In this ancient book the term is used to describe awesome talent or intelligence.
In 1023 B.C. the word's meaning began to twist. Famous Greek playwright, Ajax Elgin, used the word in the following context ''Translation: Such a flawless painting I have sketched. Once a dull, gray piece of clay, you are now a fine piece of pottery. I have certainly Frackified this pot.'' In this context the word is used to describe the creation of a piece of art.
This word is very common in western America. It can be noted to be used 925 times a day per state in the New England Area. In 1900 the word began to be used to describe a quick, one liner attempt at "scoring" a girl. An Example is "Are you a library book, because I am checking you out. You've been Frackified." Another example is "The other day I Frackified a chick."
The first person to use this word was Allan Barbairy in 1907. The exact sentence was "A young dame wandered into my office the other day. Within a matter of minutes she was Frackified."
"You've been Frackified"
by Person March 14, 2005
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