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Someone so much cooler than Please Nd Ty/Tony. He's known for posting Blackdog PK videos and looking at Jailbait Gallery frequently
Random Person: "Hay Fr0zn D4gg3r"
Dan: "*Link to Jailbait Gallery"
by LeKB May 19, 2010
The 69th Most Popular Runescape player. He's known for his pwntar guides,semi-boring guides on tabbing and editing videos, and his semi-pwntar pk vids. His Hobbies include causing please nd ty emotional pain,hanging out with aussies such as the boss hayde omas, Scoottheboot (some random pro nerd), and some random 1337 kid named Yu Gi Noob,Editing videos, playing with his blackdog, or messin around with his mexican friend Loki
Tony: Fr0zn What's your favorite number? Fr0zn D4gg3r: 69.
by Tony|Please January 12, 2010