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Air force term meaning you have just launched an active radar guided air-to-air missle, if you hear it over your radio that means get out the way before the missle locks on you instead of the bad guys.
Target confirmed, I'm taking the shot: Fox Three
by Arsenal Gear May 20, 2006
Code used by NATO Air Force pilots to indicate the launch of an air-to-air active radar guided missile.
I'm in position for a AMRAAM, Fox Three.
by thefosh August 16, 2009
To make eye contact or wink at a girl from across the room, in the attempt to get her attention. From air force terminology meaning to launch an active-radar-guided missile, usually used from long range.
Dude 1: "Hey, tally that hottie at the end of the bar?"
Dude 2: (Makes eye contact) "Fox three. I'm going in."
by Gazzoo January 24, 2008
Air Force Slang for the launching of a Pheonix Air to Air missile
"This is Gold 3, Fox Three!"
by Wolfe Kerensky August 07, 2005